Real Talk

Why was this easier last year?

I find myself wishing that it was summer.

I’m watching everyone else enjoy their summer vacation while I am stuck here doing summer school. This Oceanography class has a bunch of work to do by the end of the 5 weeks (23 expeditions, 3 quizzes, 1 essay, 1 final, and a workbook to turn in). I don’t feel like I have the motivation this time around. I WANT to complete it. I just don’t want to put in the work.

Sucks when a professor who has known me for over a year notices that my vibe has changed. He said I looked defeated..that I have changed. I was no longer that sassy, motivated individual. He asked me what had caused that. I wasn’t sure. He wasn’t the only person to notice.

I think I am burnt out. Old. Used. 

Hoping that in July and August that I can recover. I promised him that I would be my old, charming self in his class this Fall.